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Dorotea learned to weave from a very young age

Dorotea Chura Quispe, a widow with 4 small children, is an artisan who, based on courage and her skill with hand weaving, has managed to give her children technical and professional careers. The 2 female daughters studied secretarial work.

One of the sons is a mercantile accountant graduated from a technological institute and the least achievement studied at the University the career of SYSTEMS ENGINEERING, achieving a satisfactory graduation. She is a clear example of having given her children a better future by overcoming the situation of poverty based on her artisan work in which she still continues, thanks to the support of our clients’ sustainable requests.

Dorotea leads a committee of artisans, is the president of the Unocolla II committee and continues to demonstrate responsibility and compliance in her work.

Dorotea with some artisans from her committee / Dorotea working with a handmade knitting machine

Dorotea at her children’s graduations