Building Dreams Together!


The majority of the artisans that work with us, are located at the peruvian Andes, above more than 3,400 m. above sea level.

The artisans that knits our textiles products are located in Puno and Huancavelica(south part of Peru). They are well organized, reason why they ensure compliance of any purchase order.

At Juliaca(Puno), we rely on 100 artisans, perfectly organized in groups that belong to the Unocolla Association. Each group has its own leadership.

At Huancavelica, we work with artisans that are organized in Asociations and Cooperatives that work with alpaca fiber knitted in looms. Besides that, they does embroideries with sheep wool in many garments as well as in decorative products for home.

All of our producers support to their families with their handicraft job, combined with other works such as the agtriculture or construction because the handicraft job is not enough.

Also we have artisans in family workshops located in the surroundings of Lima City and they work on the gifts items(nativities, musical instruments) as well as the jewelry items.

We have also, within the gifts items, artisans divided in 3 organizations located at Pisac, Cuzco. They work on handmade items such as ceramic beads, ornaments and the famous Ocarinas and Water whistles well know by their beautiful sounds and well appreciated by the custumers around the world