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Alpaca Garments and Accessories

Following the current actual global trend, which means not to pollute the environment and protect our planet’s health, our Textiles products which have a wide variety of garments for women and men, are totally Hand Made, including the spinning and the knitting process by loom or knitting sticks. All our products are 100% Alpaca fiber, well known as one of the best fiber in the world due to its attributes.

It has been found up to 22 variation of colours standing out the following ones: white,beige,black,brown, dark grey and light grey Each of these colours has many colour scheme and they are free of any chemicals, which prevent illnesesand guarantee our consumer’s health.

Now Minkay also have alpaca fiber with naturaldyes with a wide variety colours. Dyes are made of naturals plants; free of chemicals too, using ancient techniques rescued from our ancestors the incas.