Natural Alpaca Fiber in Yarns

We offer 100% Natural Alpaca fiber to our customer, which it’s produced under a traditional procedure by hand with a legendary work tool called (pushka). In that way without stop of producing and commercialize alpaca fiber under Fair Trade regulations and protect and save the environment of the planet in order take care of Minkay’s customer health. The Alpaca fiber in yarns is offering in two manners:

. Natural Colors: Principally white, beige, black, brown, lead and grey.

. Natural Dyed Colors: These are compound by alive colors dyed with natural plants, applied for our ancestors The Inkas in their textiles garments which still being intact and nowdays keep their original color and beauty.

For both manners you are in able to ask for alpaca yarns of 50 and 100 grames.

100 alpaca wool skein of Natural


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