Continuing with our progressive enhancement program, the first week of March 2016, two staff members of our organization Minkay Fair trade traveled to Juliaca –Puno. This is the place where our 10 Artisans committee belong and produce the alpaca garments we export to around the world.

This workshop training had the objective to improve the following topics in the production.

1.- Alpaca wool spinning: For this important matter we need to acquire some craft machines to improve typical spinning procedure in order to optimize the hand work of the artisans and obtain a smooth weave in the garments which allows us to offer better quality in the products.

2.- Finishing touch: We considered customer suggestions and we decided to show the garments in front of artisans, explaining what are the manufacturing defects in the weave of each item which need to be avoiding, in order keeping customer satisfied to acquire alpaca garments knitted by hand.

3.- Measures: We emphasized in this matter of measuring tolerance and got to the agreement of the measures should be fit at no more of 1 cm, according to the customers pattern for each design.

We need to highlight the effort, the sacrifice and the personal motivation of the artisans as well as the trainers, reached the most desired result in this workshop training 2016 which is already became in part of our corporate culture.

Our sincere congratulations for all participating!


Visit to Juliaca (2016)
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