From March 2nd to 5th of 2015 was carried out the training of 50 artisans which represented 10 Organized Committees of the Juliaca area, located in Puno, Peru. This organizations work under the direction and supervision of Minkay Fair Trade SAC. Five instructors were hired, all of them experts in finishing touches, sizes, measures and designs. All of this with the purpose of obtain improvement in the production of garments hand spun and hand knitted with 100% alpaca natural fiber.

On March 1st, 2015, our client Matthias Pieper, general manager of the fair trade organization Mariposa Fair Trade located in Germany, together with our responsible of quality control: Sonia Cama, visited the community of alpaca breeders of COLINI, taking with them a donation for 50 families. The donation consisted in clothes, blankets, boots, and a diversity of non perishable food stuffs, to face the coming snow storm for this 2015. Our thanks to them as well as the donors of the different Fair Trade stores of Germany.



 ооо полигон киев

Trip to Juliaca (part 3)
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