Since January 11th to 14th we did Workshop training 2017 to knitters artisans who works with Minkay Fair Trade in the locality of Unocolla in Juliaca – Puno.

The main objective of last workshop training is getting an improvement at the spinning process of alpaca fiber using handicraft machine to spin. For this purpose we provided 6 machines else to the artisans who reacted with a positive attitude and realized by themselves that they can reduce hand work hours using this tool against traditional one called pushka. We explained and showed artisans that they are in able to reach more productivity and get better quality of alpaca garments using those item.

The Workshop training 2017 was in charge of Cesar Rodriguez and Sonia Cama, both of them are part of Minkay staff, one more time they show their great commitment with Minkay and having the support of some knitters who have the experienced of manage this kind of tools and events.

At the same time on Days Thursday 12 and Friday 13th of January we had visited by Ricardo Mercanti and Laura Ferraro who were sent by Conzorcio Altromercato to verify and realize the good practice of Fair Trade principles.

We also treat other important matters; one of them was focus in the correction of flaws and defects in the alpaca garments when we do the assessment control of the fabrics according to patterns given by customers. Apart from that all knitters committees did elections for new board of presidents.

We achieved the support from Juliaca University who owing to our formal requested, provided to us the assistance of 02 lady students from Textile Engineer career. They are going to monitoring productions of purchase orders for all 2017 and so on in Juliaca and Puno.

We congratulated all Partners who participated on this event as much for Minkay staff , the artisans for their interest and assistance , and to the lady student from Juliaca university for the great support given

We keep moving forward, step by step, slow but secure. The most important thing is plot a road meanwhile we are walking.

It’s good to communicate that Light energy have been installed at this rural locality, this event allow us to use the handicraft machine, with a previous fitting work and installation of cables; plug ; socket ; etc sent by Minkay

Trip to Juliaca 2017
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