On the 23rd and 24th of July of the current year, artisans from Juliaca received two members of the staff of Minkay Fair Trade SAC, which traveled to make training activities regarding the quality control and finishing touchs for the hand knitted alpaca garments, getting the interest and motivation to make continuous improvements. 

We give our congratulations to all Juliaca artisans that work with us, for the interest to make and Association with Legal Status, which will allow them to receive directly any kind of help for special projects from donors and institutions that look for Social Responsibility.

We thank to our client Matthias Pieper from Mariposa Fair Trade of Germany, for giving us the support with donations managed for the conformation of the Association of AGRO ARTESANOS ROAC MAQUI, which had joined 113 artisans aproximately, well organizes in 10 committees. It is the beginning of  a new stage of work that we hope result in a better life quality and  productivity.

This last July 23 (2014) held the election of the Board of the the Association of AGRO ARTESANOS ROAC MAQUI, in the city of Juliaca, department of Puno, Peru, under the supervision of staff of Minkay Fair Trade SAC. The elected leaders were:

President (Lucio  Quispe Chura) Vice president (Maritza   Jihuallanca) Secretary (Bernardo Mamani) Treasurer (Danny  H. Apaza) Chairperson (Juana Huacani) Fiscal (Rafael Paccori)

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Training 23-07-2014
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